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Your Independent CFO

You don't have to be a large nonprofit to hire an Independent Chief Financial Officer. In fact, with a professional CFO by your side, you're taking the necessary steps to demonstrate that you're a credible organization worthy of larger donations. As your trusted partner, I will help you establish transparency and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, in order to ensure trustworthiness among donors. By creating a robust financial system, together, we can increase confidence amongst stakeholders, while keeping operations running smoothly so that bigger goals are within reach. Reach out to me, my books are open to you.




Monthly Financial Reports
Strategic Planning
Secured Client Portal



Ongoing Compliance Support
Grant Readiness Support
Grant Writing
Grant Management


Cashflow Management
Donor Management Support
Budgeting & Forecasting
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management
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Your All-Season Tax Partner

Filing taxes can be intimidating, especially for nonprofit organizations who want to maintain their tax-exempt status. However, tax season doesn’t have to be so stressful. By working with a professional CFO, I can take care of preparing and filing your papers prior to the tax filing deadline, saving you from steep penalties and unnecessary headaches. Additionally, I will help you familiarize with common tax issues that affect nonprofits so that you are fully aware of your legal obligations at state and federal level. Don’t get caught up with any last minute surprises – prioritize filing with confidence with a trusted tax partner by your side. Where ever you are in the USA or abroad, I can virtually help you in filing an accurate tax return while maximizing deductions for your personal, business, or nonprofit needs.



Tax Planning
Accurate Tax Preparation & Filing
Maximizing Deductions
Tax Exemption Application & Reinstatement
Secure Client Portal
Expatriate Tax Preparation
FBAR Filing
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Your Business Formation Service

Whether you want to start a business or nonprofit, I am here to help. Coming up with a business idea is just the beginning. Incorporating your business can be tricky at times if you do not have the right support. I will give you insight about the various business structures, and help you decide which one is right for you. 



Business Incorporation
Choose Your Business Structure
Business Plan
Tax Exemption Application
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Your 7-Figure Fundraising Mastermind

Don't let fundraising be a stumbling block in accomplishing your mission. With my fundraising training programs, you can gain the power to attract the right donors and supporters to grow your philanthropic ambitions. Not only do I provide insight for acquiring additional $120,000 for your cause, but also tools to engage with potential backers - even if fundraising isn't your forte. Equipped with knowledge from my programs, organizations from around the world have accumulated over $15 million in fundraising revenue. If you're ready to join their ranks, come and join my fundraising Mastermind, and experience explosive donor engagement firsthand!

Learn the step by step process to scale your organization and attract your ideal donors, all the while getting your nonprofit "grant-ready", using Noura's proven I.M.P.A.C.T. method.









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Your VIP Day

You can reserve a day with me to help your executive team get some well needed clarity on how to better run your organization and make the impact you are seeking in the world.



Develop a Plan to Achieve Your Goals in the Next 12 Months
Identify Your Ideal Donors
Design a Successful Campaign
Stay In Compliance
Optimize Operation Processes
Optimize Development Plans
Optimize Program Designs
Learn Grant Strategies
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