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Nonprofit Organizations

If you're struggling to grow your nonprofit, it's time to prioritize your most urgent actions. Attracting donations, grants or other sources of funding requires a higher level of financial management that clearly proves your capacity to manage money. As your Independent Chief Financial Officer, I will help you grow! By creating a robust financial system, maintaining your books, and staying compliant with state and federal regulations, we can maximize your donor's return on investment and attract larger grants. Take on an independent CFO who is serious about reaching your goals, and together, we can change the world.

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Nonprofit Consultants

As a nonprofit consultant myself, I strive to help others like me scale their businesses to 6 figures while they help their clients make an impact. Learn how to calculate your estimated taxes, become an S corp, and more.

Tax Professionals

Whether you are an aspiring tax professional or financially unable to hire a professional, I wish to empower you to stay in compliance through comprehensive courses on how to file FBAR, calculate estimated taxes, and more.

I can be...

Your Independent CFO

You don't have to be a large nonprofit to hire an Independent Chief Financial Officer. In fact, with a professional CFO by your side, you're showing your donors that you are a trusted organization that is fully transparent about your mission, operations, finances, and decision-making process. As your trusted partner, I will work to raise your credibility to attract larger grants, maintain your accounts, keep you compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, and keep your donor management system organized so that you can focus on the bigger mission at hand.

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Your Nonprofit Bookkeeper

Running a nonprofit is hard enough when chasing for grants, donations, and engaging supporters. Keep your head in the mission, and consider delegating your financial maintenance to a trusted bookkeeper who can help you keep your records straight. Bookkeeping can be challenging when you have multiple sources of funding and expenditures to track. But you don't have to do this alone. As your Bookkeeper, I will keep your records straight by completing your chart of accounts correctly, record transactions on a timely manner, reconcile your accounts, and take the hassle out of bookkeeping. Period.

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