Making Every Donor Count 

Hi! I'm Noura Almasri,

Your Independent Nonprofit CFO

Working as an accounting and tax professional, I was pretty content serving Corporate America. I am highly skilled at preparing large companies for tax season and managing complex financial systems within a deep network. My job was to squeeze every dollar for its maximum value to ultimately serve the bottom line.

It wasn't until the Arab Spring of 2011 that my focus started to change. My involvement in the world of nonprofits suddenly became deeply personal. As a Syrian immigrant, born and raised, I was profoundly affected by the revolution that took over my home region. Worried about the state of the world, I joined forces as an activist, speaking publicly against the violence, and fundraising for nonprofits to support citizens on the ground. I focused my efforts on asking for individual donations with the "don't ask don't get" mentality. In my time working with various nonprofits, I helped to raise over $15 million and I continue to serve nonprofits to nurture their mission, grow their cause, and maximize every donation that enters into their organization.

As your Independent Chief Financial Officer, I can take away the challenges of fundraising for your nonprofit and help yourorganization grow long-term. I will help you build and implement the right financial models, donor relation and management systems, and fundraising planning, so that you can maximize your efforts in the right place. Your struggles don't have to come at a cost when you have a professional by your side.

I'm Noura Almasri and I welcome you in my books.

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To help nonprofits maximize their financial growth with expert donor management, grant readiness, and compliance support.


To nurture confidence back into nonprofit leadership and provide clear impact for their potential donors.


  1. To implement the right financial strategy and donor infrastructure that attracts individual donations
  2. To create clear financial records that track multiple funding sources and expenditures for tax and state regulation compliance
  3. To provide peace of mind that finances are in good hands of a reliable and trusted professional

Core Values


We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. If we have not provided value to our clients, our job is not done.


Sometimes finances can become messy & overwhelming. We strive to give clarity to our clients through our work.


We believe education is where all gold resides. That is why before we even take you as a client, we want to make sure you are informed and have the knowledge you need to thrive.


It is natural to run into obstacles on your journey to success. We do not give up on you unless you give up on yourself.


Do not overcomplicate things. We aim to provide digestible information and instructions that you can implement to your business with ease.