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Mastering Nonprofit Tax Returns - 990 & Nonprofits Best Practices

Tired of filing tax returns for pennies? It's time to tap into the nonprofit market and master their tax returns (990s) for PROFIT!

You might be thinking that nonprofits do NOT pay for services?


They have to invest to get their tax returns done right! Why?

  1. They are always looking for funding and they have to have their 990s complete and up to date.
  2. They could lose their exempt status if they do NOT file on time.
  3. They need to file electronically so they NEED YOU.
  4. They need to file a complete return to avoid penalties a revocations.
  5. Their tax returns are public records and has to reflect their standards to attract larger donations.

With over 1.5 MILLION registered nonprofits in the US, the demand for tax professionals is sky-high! Plus, nonprofits have multiple deadlines throughout the year, ensuring a steady stream of clients for YOU.

I will also reveal a SECRET for you that you can apply to your business! You will always have business coming your way all year long! Expand your expertise and gain a competitive edge in nonprofit sector.

What are you going to learn:

  • Deep dive in the core 990 form 
  • Best Practices to prepare an audit proof 990
  • Onboarding best practices
  • Client Intake form to minimize back and forth with your client
  • Red Flags you need to pay attention to
  • Learn how to educate your client to avoid audits and/or revocation
  • Learn how to get clients all year long
  • Pricing
  • Nonprofit Best practices
  • Links you will need and more!

What People Are Saying:

Noura is the expert for all things non profit finance and accounting! Her services are exactly what the industry needs. I've found her courses and coaching very useful for my accounting practice.